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CAROL Modern 3D Wall Panel



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Each order contains 12 pieces which covers 32 sq/feet

3D Wall Panel Carol

Carol Modern 3D Wall Panel is a wall tile with a 3D design of 4 hollow-oval figures of various dimensions. These wall panels are among the latest in Interior redesigning. These greatly textured Panels can be easily glued to almost any exterior to achieve an amazing design appearance.

3D wall decorThe size of our Carol 3D Wall Panel is 500mm X 500mm, 19.6 inches X 19.6 inches and is packed with 12 pieces per single carton which covers about 32 sq.ft.

These latest environmentally-friendly, high-quality, durable as well as light-weight interior wall panelings are incredible for both commercial and domestic usages. The panels are specifically designed to be tinted with water-based paints and can be assembled in numerous distinct combos to form different patterns and looks. These could be subtle or eye-catching.

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CAROL Modern 3D Wall Panel Design

Our Carol Modern 3D Wall Panel mingles cutting-edge expertise with environmentally-friendly recycled bamboo and plant fiber to create a greener as well as cleaner product. Our Carol Modern Wall Panels measure 19.6 inches X 19.6 inches and these are quite easy to install and anyone can DIY it. You can even paint these panels or leave these in their off-white usual finish mode.

3D Wall Panel Carol

Our single carton contains 12 3d wall coverings that cover a total of about 32 square feet of ceiling or wall space. Our Carol Modern 3D Wall Panels are lightweight and can be easily sliced with any electric saw-blade or any utility knife tools.

Our product is a fresh and unique design which can be utilized in diverse positions.


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