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Coffee Bean Glass/Stone Backsplash Tile



Part Number GLGS12-S
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Coffee Bean Glass/Stone Tile Strips

Length 11.75 inches, Width 3.8 inches
Minimum 10 strips order.

Coffee Bean Glass/Stone Backslash Tile

Thin & linear Coffee Bean Glass mosaic strips are joined together to shape up a single sheet of Coffee Bean glass mosaic tile. Our Coffee Bean Glass tile mosaic strips are what you always have been seeking for when style contrast is your priority in bathrooms, kitchens and also for the exteriors.

These premium glass tile strips come in various design styles in accordance to your personal preference as well as the design effects which you’re looking for. With such range of Glass stone tiles mosaic strips at your disposal, you unlock a plethora of design potential with the best of color, texture and overall visual outcome.

Utilized for shower-inlays, back-splashes as well as any upright application, our glass mosaic tile strips offer an enigmatic way to carry out subtle artistry, style contrasts, prominent focal points as well as high-performing realism for your home renovation and redesign.

We are aware of the fact that you possess high standards for glass tile mosaics as well as for all the materials in order to transform your place. Also we are aware that you expect the optimum value for your money as well. And that’s why we have also set high standards. We offer our clients the best glass tile mosaic strips available in the market.

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Why opt for Coffee Bean Glass Tile Mosaic Strips?

  • To gain benefits from surfaces which are being designed innately and are meant to be extremely durable and hence designed-to-last.
  • To gain a way to carve out the illustrational value in your surrounding decoration, that includes various types of other wall mosaic strips.
  • To achieve an interior-design aspect which equally serves as a valuable focal-point or a subtle intonation piece in whatsoever space you desire.
  • To avail benefits from exclusive and matching colors, textures and patterns which brings out the finest in any of the space.
  • To craft out an inimitable visual appeal by utilizing resources that have been put-in-use in the similar way since the beginning of the civilization.

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