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Checkered Crystal Glass Tile Mosaic Strip



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Checkered Crystal Glass tile Mosaic

Thin & linear Checkered Crystal glass mosaic strips are joined together to shape up a single sheet of Checkered Crystal glass mosaic tile. Our Checkered Crystal Glass Tile Mosaic Strip patterns can be a magnificent decoration for not only the decoration of walls at your home but also for your business premises such as hotels, fancy restaurants as well as country clubs. These classy patterns as well as vibrant colors steal the eyes of numerous onlookers.

Checkered Crystal Glass Tile Mosaic Strip

Length 13.5 inches, Width 4.2 inches
Minimum 10 strips order.

The contemporary look of modern design is evident in each of our glass mosaic patterns. You are easily able to create stylish and vibrant visual pieces in both residential and commercial settings. There are many options available that will help you to redefine any space with our easy to care for and translucent surfaces. Each sheet has mesh backings which allows for easy installation.

Our mosaic patterns offers:

•Both natural and artificial light-friendly surfaces; polished, translucent and reflective tile in each mosaic piece adds to better emission of both natural and artificial light

•Stylish layouts and patterns that reform both outdoor and indoor living spaces; ideal for trim, tiles backsplash , accent walls, and more

Checkered Crystal Glass Tile Mosaic Strip

•Versatile layout options; create vertical patterns, horizontal patterns, diamond patterns or a combination of layouts for kitchens, baths, exteriors, and beyond,

•Straight-forward, easy installation; mesh backing mounting 8mm thick, tiles for easy coverage on vertical and horizontal surfaces

•Enduring, low-maintenance surfaces lasting many years; resistant to moisture, odor, bacterial and mold growth for healthier eco friendly living

Using our Checkered Crystal Glass Tile mosaic Strip as a backsplash will undeniably add color as well as style to your drawing room and kitchen decor at your home. It will even offer it a more vibrant appearance.

These prominent glass tile mosaics offer both a high-end and an everlasting look to any bathroom, kitchen or any of our decorated drawing rooms. Extensively used to transform walls and floors, these Glass mosaic tile strips generate an awesome focal-point as well as hued variation of colors.

Our glass mosaic strips have always been of top quality and rivals international standard. And in order to offer you with the state-of-the-art Glass Tiles mosaic strips, we constantly keep on updating our products frequently to make sure that we always remain at the mosaic industry’s cutting edge.

Why opt for Checkered Crystal Glass Tile Mosaic Strips?

  • To achieve an interior-design aspect which equally serves as a valuable focal-point or a subtle intonation piece in whatsoever space you desire.
  • To avail benefits from exclusive and matching colors, textures and patterns which brings out the finest in any of the space.
  • To gain benefits from surfaces which are being designed innately and are meant to be extremely durable and hence designed-to-last.
  • To gain a way to carve out the illustrational value in your surrounding decoration, that includes various types of other wall mosaic strips.
  • To craft out an inimitable visual appeal by utilizing resources that have been put-in-use in the similar way since the beginning of the civilization.

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