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Mocha Mix Strip



Mocha Mix Strip


Retail Price: $7.50

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Sheet size: 76 x 300 x 8mm

3 x 11.81 inches

Mocha Mix Strip


Sheet size: 76 x 300 x 8mm

3 x 11.81 inches

Material:Glass + Stone + Metal

Color: Mixed

Features: Impervious to liquids and vapors, resistant to fading, staining, discoloration and chemical attack, Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. Frost-proof, non-flammable, no radiation, easy to clean.

Usage:Home,hotel,airport,bar,restaurant,SPA,gym,supermarket,shop, interior wall & floor decoration for bathroom and kitchens, pool





The contemporary look of modern design is evident in each of our glass mosaic patterns. You are easily able to create stylish and vibrant visual pieces in both residential and commercial settings. There are many options available that will help you to redefine any space with our easy to care for and translucent surfaces. Each sheet has mesh backings which allows for easy installation.

Our mosaic patterns offers:

•Both natural and artificial light-friendly surfaces; polished, translucent and reflective tile in each mosaic piece adds to better emission of both natural and artificial light •Stylish layouts and patterns that reform both outdoor and indoor living spaces; ideal for trim, backsplashes, accent walls, and more •Versatile layout options; create vertical patterns, horizontal patterns, diamond patterns or a combination of layouts for kitchens, baths, exteriors, and beyond, •Straight-forward, easy installation; mesh backing mounting 8mm thick, tiles for easy coverage on vertical and horizontal surfaces •Enduring, low-maintenance surfaces lasting many years; resistant to moisture, odor, bacterial and mold growth for healthier eco friendly living


Construction Steps

(1) We suggest to adopt professional adhesives and joint filler, and parts of our products adopt neutral adhesives.

(2) Use special ash knife to sweep 2-3mm thickness adhesives after cleaning the pavement surface.

(3) Use dentate trowel carve to score out waviness on the flat mushy adhesive.

(4) Paving mosaic pay attention to align the joints between mosaics with the joints between the product network adhibits.

(5) Tenderly pat the surface of the mosaic and leveling treatment to make sure it is adhesive evenly.

(6) About 20 hours later when mosaic is totally adhesive, use the special sponge knife to fill the joint fillers in the gaps. (Soft tool to prevent damaging product surface)

(7) After 30 minutes, when the joint filler is semi-dry, use high density sponge to fill into joint about 1-2mm, which can better show the highlight effect of the product.

(8) Use dry towel to clean and finish the construction finally.