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RAINBOW Textured Interior Wall Panel



RAINBOW – Decorative 3D Wall Panel Design

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Each order contains 12 pieces which covers 32 sq/feet

RAINBOW – Textured Interior Wall Panel

Turn your flat appearing wall into stylish brick wall with our Rainbow 3D Decorative Wall Panels. Our dynamic design looks both stylish as well as industrial. Ideal in case you wish for an eye-catching wall which is also not too glittering!

Interior Wall Panels 3d

The size of our Rainbow 3D Decorative Wall Panel is 500mm X 500mm, 19.6 inches X 19.6 inches and is packed with 12 pieces per single carton which covers about 32sq.ft.

Our product is a fresh contemporary design approach which is fast becoming the hottest new fashion in Wall Decor. And after being installed, it creates a replicating pattern which toys with light and shadows. Our Rainbow wall panel can transform any of your room by integrating depth and style to your space.

Our Rainbow 3D Decorative Wall Panel measure 19.6 X 19.6 inches and these are quite easy to install and anyone can DIY it. You can even paint these panels or leave these in their off-white usual finish mode.

Decorative wall paneling – RAINBOW

Our single carton contains 12 wall panels that cover a total of about 32 square feet of ceiling or wall space. Our Rainbow 3D Decorative Wall Panels are lightweight and can be easily sliced with any electric saw-blade or any utility knife tools.

Our product is a fresh and unique design which can be utilized in diverse positions. These Rainbow 3D Decorative Wall Panels are manufactured by using crushed sugarcane stalk fibers which remain left after the extraction of juice. And this results as the base of this effortlessly installed eco-friendly produce.

Interior wall panelingBeing produced from sugarcane, which is both renewable and bio-degradable source (i.e. 100% compostable and recycled), it also adds to sustainability. These panels are designed to create a distinct pattern when placed together. After that these are joined to the wall with the panels rammed together. The joins in between the panels are then sanded and filled back.

And after these are installed you can paint them in any color which suits your office or home interiors.

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